Aug 1, 2007: My last gig in San Francisco!

Well the time has come for me to start a new chapter in my life: I'm moving to Austin, TX this Sunday (August 5th). I've been living in San Francisco since 2000 and I love it here but I need to explore a little bit now.

Austin has a lot to offer. The city has a great music scene and the cost of living is much more reasonable especially if I plan to advance my DJ'ing career. Its a growing city as well and consistently ranks high on lists of best places to live, work, and play (source:

Fortunately I have one last gig here in San Francisco before I take off. It is THIS SATURDAY (August 4th) at 1015 Folsom. I'll be DJ'ing with my buddy Shawn Yapa from Alibi. We'll be headlining in the main room. We have a lot of great euphoric tunes lined up for this show so be sure to sign up on the guestlist and come out!

See you at 1015 this Saturday!


Apr 5, 2007: DJ'ing with Paul van Dyk!

The NUMBER 1 ranked DJ in the world right now is Paul van Dyk. He's an absolute legend in the trance industry. So imagine how proud I am to DJ with him on April 28th at 1015 Folsom. :)

It's gonna be a HUGE night!! :)


Mar 10, 2007: Photos from Mark Norman

Another classic Alibi party last night. Mark Norman played an AMAZING set. Here are some photos from the night.


Feb 9, 2007: Videos from Kyau & Albert

There are now a few videos of me circulating around the Internet from our last Alibi party...check em out. :)

Opening up with "Mike Koglin Vs. POS - Untitled Audio":
Building the tension with "Paul Miller vs Ronald De Foe - Jaarbeurs":
Getting the crowd hype with "O'Callahagn & Kearny - Exactly":
More from "O'Callahagn & Kearny - Exactly":
Smoothing it out with "Ferry Corsten - Beautiful":
Longer clip from "Ferry Corsten - Beautiful":


Feb 2, 2007: Opening for Kyau & Albert: One of the best moments of my life :)

I honestly have to say that DJ'ing in the main room of 1015 Folsom and opening for Kyau & Albert this past Friday night was one of the best moments of my life. Two of my best friends were there to see me...they flew in from Washington D.C. My song selection and transitions up there were very good. The crowd was enthusiastic. I swear...I almost cried I was so happy. I love this job. :)

Here some photos from the night

Yes...that's me with the big smile in the lower left photo. :)


Jan 22, 2007: Opening DJ for Kyau & Albert

This Friday Trance superstars Kyau and Albert will be spinning here in San Francisco. And guess who'll be opening for them? That's guessed it...yours truly. :)

Kyau and Albert at 1015 on Friday January 26th

This will be my biggest gig to date and I'm very very excited! This is a dream come true. Come catch the action at 1015 Folsom. Pre-sale tickets are available for 20 bucks up at groovetickets...get 'em while they're hot!


Jan 13, 2007: Party Photos

The Alibi One Year Anniversary Party this past Friday was an absolute blast! We were pleased to see so many of you come out and celebrate with us despite the bitter cold weather outside that night (whew!). Thanks for making it such a fun night. :)


Dec 16, 2006: Alibi One Year Anniversary Party

Yes, its been a year now since I've been DJ'ing with Alibi. Its so crazy how time flies, so many good memories. So to celebrate we're going to be hosting a One Year Anniversary Party at 1015 on Friday January 12th. Hope to see you there!


Dec 9, 2006: Good times at Alibi Winter Wonderland

Last night was yet another magical Alibi party. Photos are up on the Alibi website.


Nov 18, 2006: Alibi Winter Wonderland II Coming up!

I'll be performing for Alibi again here in San Francisco on Friday December 8th.

That just happens to be my birthday too...what a great way to celebrate. :) See you there!


Nov 11, 2006: Photos from Alibi @ 1015 II

Thank you everyone who came out to party with me back on Friday Nov 3rd at 1015. It was another KILLER Alibi event...thanks to YOU!

Wanna see some photos from the party? Of course you do! :)

That picture in the lower right cracks me up...looks like the guy is being electrocuted...hehe.


Oct 19, 2006: Photos from Alibi @ 1015

My DJ gig at 1015 was spectacular! I played from 11:30pm till 1:00am and the dance floor was completely packed THE WHOLE TIME!. Wow...what a feeling. :)

Here are some pics from the party:

The next Alibi party will be Friday Nov 3rd at 1015. That's just a few weeks away! Its going to be another great night with special Guest DJs, Spesh (Qool), Scott Carrelli (Satellite), James Williams (, and Jamie James along with all your regular Alibi DJs. Can't wait!


Oct 3, 2006: Alibi @ 1015 on Fri Oct 13th

It's official! Me and the Alibi crew will be hosting a party at 1015 Folsom on Friday October 13th.

"1015", as we call it, is one of the most popular dance clubs here in San Francisco. I've gone there regularly over the years to catch many many high-profile DJ's...Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and Paul Van Dyk to name a few. Now I will be the one behind the decks...SWEEEET! :)

See the poster for the event to the right? Yeah I designed that. :)

Ok, bragging sure to come out and support us! More details on the Alibi web site.


Aug 15, 2006: Red Hot Summer Photos

Thanks go to everyone who came out to the Alibi Red Hot Summer Party last month. It was awesome to see so many of you out on the dance floor dressed in red having a great time. We tried to make the night a special one and we were so pleased to have everyone groove to the Red Hot Summer theme. :)

Here are some pics from the party:

We decided to hire a videographer for this party to catch people in action. Here's a link to some video highlights from the party compiled by resident Alibi DJ Kelly Kane. can also download my mix from the party.

We're already planning for the next Alibi party. :) More details to come!


Jun 26, 2006: Red Hot Summer!

Just updated the gigs section of this site with my new Alibi gig! I'll be performing live here in San Francisco on Saturday July 22nd at Paradise Lounge. The theme for this party is Red Hot Summer. Everyone will be wearing red clothing...should be interesting.


Hope to see you there!


Apr 30, 2006: Alibi Party Photos

I DJ'd out at a dance club here in San Francisco this past weekend. The party was a HUGE success...there were over 700 ppl in attendance! The dance floor was packed during my set and I even heard a few screams from the crowd while I was up there spinning. Right on! :) :)

A local photographer came by and took some great party pictures. Here are some photos of the people who came:

The next Alibi party will be sometime in late July. Can't wait! :D


Mar 21, 2006: Mailing List Added

Cool...I figured out how to add a mailing list to my site. Turns out my web hosting company (1and1) already provides newsletter tool that I can plug in. Rock on. :) If you wanna keep up with all my new mixes and upcoming gigs feel free to sign up.


Mar 7, 2006: Site Re-Design + New Gigs

The last design for this site seemed a bit bland...mostly I decided to spice it up. I created a logo and threw it on the backdrop of some clouds...perfect. :) Other improvements yet to come: a mailing list form, a feedback form, and maybe even a flash music player. Feel free to contact me if you have additional suggestions.

I also updated the gigs page. I'll be playing out in San Francisco at the end of this month (March 24th) and the end of next month (April 29th). If you're in the Bay Area be sure to drop in and check me out! :)


Nov 31, 2005: I'm Awesome (Dude)

I've been getting some positive responses to my weekly radio show and podcast. Here's a recent email I received:

From: Sophia Dee
Date: Nov 29, 2005 10:25 PM
Subject: you're awesome dude..................
I just wanna say your music keeps me goin all the time. I
listened to november 28th mix and fell in love immediately.
I also listened to the 21st mix. keeps me goin when i am in
the dorm room, studying for midterms, and i may just play
your mixes at my college radio show :-) keep it up!!!!


Thanks Sophia! Maybe I should add a Feedback section to the site?? :)

I love the music, I love mixing, and positive feedback like this just adds fuel to the fire! Thanks for listening everyone.


Nov 28, 2005: New Gigs!

All my hard work is really starting to pay off. I managed to land 3 new gigs here in San Francisco within the next month. :) I'm playing this upcoming Saturday night at Circolo, next Friday at Club Prive, and New Years Eve at Canvas Gallery. I'm so psyched! I love to play out and get the crowd moving...oh yeah! If you happen be in the Bay Area over the next month be sure to come see me spin live.


Oct 31, 2005: Podcast Added

Now it's even easier to download my weekly mixes on onto your portable mp3 player! Want to learn more? Check out the podcast section!


Sept 11, 2005: Web Site Updated

I finally managed to update the layout of my web site a little. Still nothing impressive...I'd rather put my focus toward new mixes. :)

If you're a graphic designer looking for a small job, feel free to contact me and we can discuss a major overhaul.


Sept 6, 2005: New Prog House Demo Mix

I just released a sweet new demo mix called Soaring Sensation. It's pretty much the first 75 minutes of my live "accelerate" mix on last night. I monitor the number of ppl who connect to the show each week.... There were about 300 ppl tuned in when I started the mix and the number kept growing as I played...topping out at 385 ppl! I guess the mix was pretty good. :)

Soaring Sensation includes some of my favorite progressive house tracks right now. The tempo is somewhat slower than my first demo mix, Ready, Takeoff, which has been getting positive reviews from many listeners on the internet. Take a listen and let me know what you think!


June 21, 2005: Fan Email!

I received my first piece of fan email last night:

Hey Turbine,

I was listening to your set on 6/20/05 from about 11:00-end on, it was absolutely amazing!!! I moved to
florida 3 years ago and haven't heard such good music since, of
course til  I heard you! Just wanted to compliment you! Fantastic
job! Is there any way I can buy a copy of that set??
Unfortunately the closest real dj store is 3 hrs from me in miami
so i don't get there very often. Anyway let me know if you can
sell me that set im very interested.


I'm flattered! Music is a beautiful thing. :)


May 12, 2005: First Club Appearance @ Crush

Last night was the premier night of Crush, a weekly trance club I'm helping to run along with 3 other trance DJ's in San Francisco. The night went really well...the place was packed and ppl were diggin' the music. My time slot last night was midnight to 2am and I played a rockin' set!

Can't wait until next week!


May 2, 2005: New Gig in San Francisco

I got an email a few weeks ago from a another trance DJ in San Francisco named Eric. He heard my demo mix and suggested we team up with a couple other DJ's to try and get a weekly trance club going in the San Francisco. I was all game, so we've been all been meeting to discuss strategy and such. He spoke with the owner of a dance club here and managed to land us a gig! We'll be playing on Wednesday nights at Underground SF. This is great news...I'm a resident DJ now in San Francisco!! We're gonna promote this gig heavily and see where we can take it! :)


Jul 6, 2005: New Live Gig Over the Internet

I just got approved to mix live on This site provides a shoutcast streaming service that lets amateur DJ's mix live over the internet. I'm scheduled to play live every Monday night now from 10pm to midnight EST.

I'm sooo excited about this opportunity...weekly mixes on this station regularly broadcast to 300 ppl or more. Be sure to tune in!


Mar 1, 2005: Trance Demo Mix Released

Ok, here we go.... A trance mix that I finally feel is worth releasing: Ready, Takeoff. The mix starts out fast but mellow and progresses with some euphoric, pounding tunes that are sure to make your head bop.

Feel free to give it a listen and let me know what you think.